We create natural cosmetics that are like no other. Our beginnings date back to the early eighties when a family factory was started . Since the very beginning, the company’s owners dream was to build a respectable company that supports and give jobs to the local community. For more then 20 years the company made cosmetics and professional detergents of high quality but no very different to what was available on the market. At that time, shortly after the turn of the century Monika Kosieniak, the daughter of the company’s founder decided she wanted to go her own way and make natural cosmetics that are like no other product. That is howThe Secret Soap Store brand originated.

For more than 10 years we developed one of the largest ranges of natural cosmetics on the Polish market. We have almost one thousand product items for the professional and retail markets. Every year we introduce dozens of new products to keep our clients surprised with constantly changing offers. We dislike boredom, repetitivness and invariability. That is why we keep ourselves busy introducing totally new products.

We want to be a company with a human touch. The wellbeing of our workers and partners is of utmost importance to us. We work very hard to make our dream come true – to be a company that loves other people and cares for its clients. The quality of our products is exceptional, we cooperate with the most reputable ingredient suppliers. We create new ways of selling our products that not only emphasize the quality of our products but also keep our clients curious and amused.