We invite you to visit The Secret Soap Store – a store that is unlike any other on the market. Everything in the store is designed so that customers can touch, smell and visually check any product and make their own products

The idea behind the store is to focus on proactive customer service and find new ways of presenting and selling our products. We offer hand made soaps, body peelings and butters that are sold like ice creams as well as milk and salt baths.

A typical store has 20 to 40 sqm. The size of the store can be customized to fit in the target location In addition to natural materials such as stone and raw unprocessed wood, the vivid red colour is used in the stores to invigorate the interior and attract the attention of customers.

Probably we are the only store concept in the world with salt graduation tower installed in the store. Thanks to that clients visiting our store improve their health.